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GoDaddy has shown itself to be a real surprise in the world of website design and hosting, challenging (as you can see by our top 5 ratings) the likes of Wix and Weebly, both being well established online companies. The user is spoilt for choice with templates from the get-go, which can be personalized on one of the best editors we’ve seen to date! is extremely competitively priced which leads us to believe that GoDaddy is one of the best ways to start or expand your online footprint by creating a website to rival the best in the business.


From a features vs. price viewpoint, GoDaddy .com appears to be one of the best value for money website builders available. Starting at $4.99 a month for the starter package, which is rammed with very much impressive features has appeared to us to be the best on the market in terms of ‘bang for your buck’. A free account option is available to users at first but this comes with a GoDaddy domain and advertising in the footer. The pro account is available for a couple extra dollars a month which in our opinion is worth it if you wish to take your website to the next level, offering more space and bandwidth.


GoDaddy is extremely secure using state of the art, industry leading high speed severs. Each package comes with a 99.9% uptime promise. GoDaddy ‘s secure servers have multiple backup power sources to nearly guarantee your sites wont go down!


If you were to encounter any troubles whilst using the service I can safely say that you would be in good hands, built into the editor is an intelligent feature that recognizes when a user gets stuck, which then offers custom tips on how to overcome problems and move forward with the site. To the bottom left of the editing screen is a link to the blog which opens up doors to a GoDaddy  community in which you can not only get help but also great tips on how to make your website look that much better. Response times from the GoDaddy  team are great and billing enquiries are dealt with as soon as possible


The GoDaddy website editor is filled with useful features, whilst also maintaining it’s extreme usability for a novice. The ability to save and publish the site straight from the editor is very refreshing and takes care of all of the extra work which publishing can cause when using other services online. Also, the ability to view from a mobile platform is extremely helpful as many mobile users will not revisit a site if it is not easy to navigate or is accessible. It is clear to me that even a beginner could produce fantastic results easily with this site, which is what pushed it higher in our rankings.

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Included Features

  • Free Domain
  • Unmetered Disk Space
  • Site Building Tools
  • Free Marketing Credits
  • eCommerce
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Blog
  • Email Setup
  • 24/7 Tech Support
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Phone Support
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • User Friendly Control Panel
  • cPanel
  • Free Cloud Storage
  • WordPress
  • Free Script Libary
  • Free Website Templates

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 10 reviews

Godaddy offers a cheap bundle of domain name ($12/year), website builder(free/1st year), outlook 365 starter (free/ 1st year). The outlook 365 is $57/year for renewal (discounted to 10% to $51.30 sometimes). However, comparing the Microsoft Outlook 365 Business Essential that costs $5/mo that comes up at about the same price ($60/year), Microsoft Outlook 365 is 50GB space compared to only 5GB space from Godaddy's Outlook 365. Microsoft offers web version word, excel, powerpoint, 1TB OneDrive storage, video conference, Yammer etc which Godaddy Outlook 365 doesn't offer. Godaddy Outlook 365 starter is a rip off and upsell the 50GB email storage at $3.99/mo on top of the basic renewal $57/year. (Yes just the storage fee alone.) I have trouble to migrate my email data by exporting to .pst, Godaddy doesn't offer support and throw it at Microsoft. While debugging the issue with Microsoft tech support, we asked Godaddy to help to export the .pst, Godaddy asks to upgrade the Outlook business plan. Microsoft pertains that it should be able to do that without upgrading the package and ask Godaddy as partner to enable an Admin option. Godaddy insists not to. Customer like myself cannot export/backup all emails to .pst only more recent ones. Purchasing add-on outlook backup (another upsell) $2.99/mo would not allow me to get my backup data. Godaddy tech support said it is within Outlook exchange server, not theirs. They won't help to do data migration. I am warning customers please do not sign up with Godaddy outlook 365. It is a scam to lock you down with low grade Outlook 365 and upsell their upgrades. When it comes to tech support on outlook 365, they don't really care much, while MS tech support insists they should at least support part of their control. I am still debugging on retrieving my email data with Microsoft. Feedback given to Godaddy as of Dec 6 2017. I don't see them revising the package yet. I learned the hardway that Godaddy has unlimited hosted email under their Linux cPanel which they don't publicized as hosting package (I haven't tried to confirm this). Hence, I believe they want you to buy their Outlook 365 and upsell the upgrades. Please don't get hooked by Godaddy's Outlook 365. Get it from Microsoft directly!

GoDaddy Support is HORRIBLE!!! I'm amazed that it even has one star according to this blog because they don't even deserve that. Their critical department for allowing a reset of websites goes home at 4:30pm!! Seriously?!?!?! The Internet is 24/7, folks!! Will never use them again!!

GoDaddy is one of the best hosting companies I have tried and here a couple of reasons why I think that. For the low price you can get unlimited domain hosting, Storage, File Transfer, and E-mail Accounts. This make it great for a small business which needs plenty of all of those. The support are good but for me it took a very long time to start chatting. but everything else is perfect I would recommend this to my friends because of the low price, GoDaddy is an excellent host.

What could I say exciting today? I have been at GoDaddy for 8 years, I think.
I had some clumsiness and occasionally I did not plan my work well, which caused me some troubles as a webmaster.
But the GoDaddy team has always supported me.
I am completely satisfied with what you have done for me.
But please keep working!

Hold times are FAR too long. 45 to 60 min. i need them unblock my IP. their security auto-bot though that all my business activity was malicious again...this is the 6th time in 2 years i've had to tell them. but my business hurts because of them, so we are leaving...finally. after several years.

I am GoDaddy reseller account holder since 2012 .. But first 2 years its perfect then 3rd year there management change and suddenly they close the reseller accounts and for existing users they increase charges. But Now from last year i don't know why they close ticketing Complaint system and there support is become worst then ever. For small issues you need to wait min 30 mins so they answer your live chat.
And if soon they never fix there support issues. I will get my all clients account to other host providers.

I have used a plethora of hosting providers over the years and GoDaddy by FAR has the WORST customer support of any major hosting provider. Consistently poor support service and excessive hold times. I was on hold for an hour for tech support only to be transferred and placed on hold another hour. Once transferred I was told I needed the support from the previous chat. Transferred again, on hold another hour before finally calling support. Once I phoned in, again was placed on hold for 30 minutes, transferred 3 times and then hung up on. Called back, same process. In total it took 4 hours for a very simple primary domain rename.

Don't believe the hype. I've been with GoDaddy for many years, and watched it get worse over time. It makes me sad, because they used to be very good back in the day, and I was happy with their service.

It's super slow now. Even if you install a clean empty WordPress, the page load times are awful. You run out of patience way before you get to set it up properly. My bills kept getting bigger for no apparent reason, and even after an upgrade to the "performance cloud", my WordPress site didn't get any faster. They're only interested in sales, not so much their existing customers. I strongly recommend Interserver for a fast reliable hosting.

If you are looking for phone support. Expect to be on hold for a very very long time.

I back-ordered a domain, from Godaddy prior to it expiring. Godaddy then took the name and listed it for sale and told me too bad. So they kept my backorder cost would not refund and then took my domain and are reselling it. Thieves in my opinion,

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